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Day in the Life of an OSH Boarder

What's life like at OSH?

A typical day for either a Tailored or Flexi-Boarder at OSH follows routine and structure.  These can be very long days for those who choose to stay further into the evening, and there's plenty to get involved with.  So what does a typical day look like for a boarder?


A day in the life of a junior OSH boarder:
07:00 Wake up
Wake up, wash, dress, and prepare for the day.
07:30 Breakfast
With other Tailored and Flexi-Boarders from all the houses in the Dining Hall.
08:00 Prepare for the day
Return to the boarding houses to collect school bag and books for the day.


School begins
Registration and/or assembly.
08:50-10:45 Two morning lessons
10:45-11:00 Break
Most boarders return to the boarding houses for a snack and free time.
11:00-12:55 Two more lessons
12:55-13:50 Lunch
Served in the Dining Hall and free time in the boarding houses or around school.
13:50-13:55 Registration
13:55-15:45 Afternoon lessons
15:45-16:00 Tea and cake
Home-made cake served in the Dining Hall as an after-school snack.
16:00-17:15 Co-curricular activities
We have more than 45 clubs for boarders to participate in.  We expect them to sign up for at least three activities per week, which can include clubs outside of school too.
17:15-17:25 Evening registration
Registration in the houses, conducted by the Boarding Tutors or prefects.
17:25-18:25 Prep
Supervised homework time.
18:25-19:00 Supper
Evening meal served in the Dining Hall.
19:00-20:30 Evening co-curricular activities
More evening clubs in the Sports Hall and across school.
20:30 Bedtime routine begins*
Year 7s return to their houses, shower and get ready for bed
21:00 Bedtime
In bed for reading or quiet chatter
21:15 Lights out

*Bedtime routines begin with Year 7 and are 15 minutes later as each year group gets older.

While this is the full boarding day, Flexi-Boarders can arrive anytime from 7am when the houses re-open, and we recommend arriving in time for 8:15am so they can prepare for the day.  Flexi-Boarders usually leave at 7pm after supper but can leave any time after 3:45pm.  As you can see there are some natural pick-up points as activities transition.  Some may choose to leave later if they are attending co-curricular activities later in the evening.

Tailored Boarders who aren't staying in on a particular night can also arrive anytime from 7am for breakfast, and leave anytime after the school day finishes at 3:45pm.  Some even attend clubs out of school of an evening, such as sports training or private tuition; we call these exeats and actively encourage this further activity.  Often those Tailored Boarders who live close to school choose to return home after their exeats and return to the boarding house the following morning, others come back to the house after their exeat.  We don't mind either way, so long as we know whether they're coming back or staying at home.

As you can see the boarding day here is long and action-packed, with plenty to do and no time to be sitting bored!  The best way to see what boarding life is like is to come and see for yourself.  Please do contact the Admissions Team on +44(0)1384 817325 or to arrange your personal boarding tour.