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Why OSH?

What makes OSH unique?

Olivia and Noah joined Old Swinford Hospital at very different points in their lives.  Noah started as a Tailored Boarder in Year 7, and Olivia joined in Sixth Form as the school's first Sixth Form girl Flexi-Boarder.  Neither had boarded, nor indeed been away from home for any length of time before.

As Year 13s coming to the end of their time at OSH, they reflect on how being part of this community has helped shape them and set them up for bright futures.

I joined OSH and I knew that it was the right place.  There was just something that clicked.

Olivia, Year 13 and Deputy Head girl

It is a school yes, but it's become a home to me.  The boarding staff, the Matrons, the Housemasters, they do everything they can to create that home feeling and it does take effect very early.

Noah, Year 13 and Head Boy


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