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Aims and Values

At Old Swinford Hospital, we aim to provide an outstanding education, both within and beyond the classroom, which enables all of our students to realise and exceed their potential.

Above all, we aim to provide a uniquely stimulating and supportive environment in which all individuals flourish, grow in understanding, self-confidence and self-esteem, and are fully equipped to meet the challenges and demands of life beyond school.

Our vision for each and every student is one in which they can discover who they can be and where:

  • Children and young people come first.
  • We, and our students, have high aspirations and expectations.
  • Our community has strong and shared values.
  • They develop and grow with desired qualities.
  • Our students are prepared for their future lives.

Children and young people come first

High aspirations and expectations

  • OSH aims to provide the best possible education.
  • We will ensure that our students are at the forefront of everything that we do.
  • We continually encourage them to discover who they can be.
  • We consider the wellbeing of students and staff and seek to provide a safe, secure, happy and healthy environment.
  • We expect all of our students and staff to aspire to excellence, and to aim high.
  • We expect everyone to positively contribute and participate, both in School and beyond.
  • We aim to guide our students to have good manners, high standards of personal presentation, to be punctual, and to be hard-working high achievers.

Shared values

Desired Qualities
  • Christian witness lies at the heart of this School, and we welcome people of all faiths and none.
  • We value people from all backgrounds and aim to encourage understanding, trust and respect of others.
  • We expect students to show emotional maturity, so we aim to provide them with the skills, knowledge and spiritual and moral guidance that they will need throughout life.
  • We believe there is great dignity in difference and we set out to encourage students to celebrate the diversity that exists in our School community.
  • We want our students to become moral, confident and rounded individuals who are independent, emotionally resilient and self-disciplined.
  • We aim to develop in them an inquisitive and analytical mind-set which helps them meet the challenges of their academic work and prepares them for the challenges that exist beyond school.
Preparation for the future
  • We expect our students to be able to engage with people, to problem solve, show initiative and to be able to lead or support others whenever the need arises.
  • We develop in them confidence as well as humility and the ability to express and defend their own values.
  • We encourage them to take pride in their achievements and know that they can make a difference in the world.



We believe every student and group of students is different, and so we use our expertise to tailor learning and activities accordingly.

Adam Minors, Head of Mathematics

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