Old Swinford Hospital

Old Swinford Hospital

Ut Prosim, Vince Malum Bono

Founded in 1667, Old Swinford Hospital is a state maintained boarding school, one of just 34 in the country. Parents pay only for the cost of accommodation and after-school care. Education is funded by the Local Authority. In addition, the school benefits from generous donations from the Feoffees (Trustees) to support capital projects and subsidise a wide range of activities.

As a result, we deliver the quality of education and facilities often associated with the independent sector, at a fraction of the cost.

Providing for just over 600 pupils of secondary school age, admission for boys normally takes place at the start of Years 7 and 9 and the beginning of the Sixth Form. Boys join as either Boarders, Out Boarders or Day Students. Girls are admitted as Day Students at the beginning of the Sixth Form.

A broad curriculum embraces both traditional and modern subjects and includes many subject-based enrichment opportunities unique to the school. While academic results are clearly important, they are only one element of life at Old Swinford Hospital.

We have become synonymous with an outstanding range of extra-curricular opportunities that enrich school life, develop potential and play a significant part in creating happy, fulfilled and well-adjusted young people.


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