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OSH Team Qualifies for European Youth Parliament Competition Final

May 18th, 2017

For the second time in 15 years an OSH debating team has qualified to compete in the National Final of the European Youth Parliament Competition.

The competition enables Year 12 students to experience a mock-up of the real European Parliament. The regional rounds saw teams from different schools represent committees who were given resolutions to defend. The OSH team represented the ‘Committee on Constitutional Affairs’.  They had to discuss how to respect the independence claims of places such as Scotland and Catalonia, without threatening the unity of the European Union. Other resolutions considered how to deal with Donald Trump and the difficult question of mass migration throughout Europe.

Congratulations to the following students on qualifying for the final in Liverpool:  Rob Sargeant, Ben Alison, Alice Feek, Courtney Boden, Archie Lucas, Kuldeep Matharu, Chris Fellows and Tobi Costello.

In June the team will spend three days engaged in debate with schools from all over the UK.  In the competition they will try and secure a place in the International Forum where they will compete against students from other European countries.


Photo shows from left to right:  Mr N Linehan running a practice session with Ben Alison, Kuldeep Matharu, Chris Fellows, Rob Sargeant, Olly Sheppard, Tobi Costello