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Former Student Awarded Scholarship at Oxford

September 21st, 2016

Congratulations to Will Croft who has been awarded a scholarship after obtaining a first in his First Public Examinations at St Hugh’s College, Oxford.  The scholarship is worth £200 with several nights’ free vacation residence and a special academic gown.

Will has also received a choral scholarship/award at the college chapel choir; a scholarship as the viola player for the Music Faculty’s Ensemble for the Performance of New Music; and the Bate Essay Prize.

Commenting on his success, Head of Music Anna Downes said “We are delighted to hear about Will’s achievements at Oxford, he is a very talented musician.  He is also a perfect example of someone who persevered after an initial setback of failing to get his first choice of university.  Will decided to take a gap year and then reapply to Oxford, where he is now obviously enjoying considerable success.”