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Inspiring Others

May 27th, 2016

Amidst the examinations marathon endured by the young people of this secondary school and others, we hosted a primary school sports day yesterday afternoon, complete with hoop and egg and spoon race. Our own senior students looked on enviously.

Indeed, the concerns Queen Victoria and Prince Albert once had about exams getting in the way of sport (and hunting) would have appeared unfounded yesterday afternoon. Much mirth, tremendous infectious enthusiasm and vibrant team spirit raised collective spirits. These pupils have just completed their SATS.

The penultimate event was of particular interest, however. Before the primary school’s grand finale relay race took place, OSH provided a relay of its own. Our under 16 team attempted to break our own 4X100 relay record in close view of our guests. Although we were a couple of hundredths of a second out, the interest and inspiration this event generated was palpable. The younger children followed, as best they could, the lightning progress of our boys around the track. The manner in which they then attempted the relay of their own, fleet footed and determined, was clearly lifted by seeing the swift running OSH team.

We look at our bigger children currently sitting numerous exams and we admire their ability to keep going under considerable pressure. We sometimes forget that they themselves have their hopes and dreams, often inspired from an early age by other people whose actions and words they have witnessed.

Perhaps yesterday our students, who took some time out from their exams, gave a younger generation a sense of ambition, aspiration and confidence that will enable them to dream and make those dreams real.

Meanwhile, our own sports day begins after lunch today. Let’s hope we can break that record at the second attempt.

Good luck, boys.

Paul Kilbride