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World Book Day Inspires Readers

March 3rd, 2016

OSH celebrated ‘World Book Day’ with a week of activities for pupils from years 7- 10, who visited the library during their English lessons.

Pupils had the opportunity to enter a competition where they tried to guess the number of books in the OSH library.  The winner, to be announced in School Assembly, will be presented with a book token and a packet of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans from Harry Potter.  Similar to the books and films, the jelly beans come in up to 20 flavours that range from delicious to disgusting! One lucky pupil will get taste sensations like marshmallow, tutti-frutti, grass, soap, earwax…and more!

A fun quiz tested pupils’ knowledge of children’s literature.  How did Mr Strong get his strength?, name the children in the Chronicles of Narnia? were just two of the tricky questions.

The next author visit was announced and pupils were encouraged to do some research and start thinking about questions they would like to ask.  Fantasy novelist Marcus Alexander is the author of the Keeper of the Realms fantasy series and will be at OSH on 20th April.  He plans to talk to pupils and sign copies of his latest book.  He’s an action and adrenaline junkie and a champion of literacy who has built up a reputation for inspiring today’s youth to put aside their smart devices and pick up a book.

OSH Librarian Jo McGoldrick said:  “The week has been great fun.  The boys have loved trying to guess the number of books in the library, with guesses ranging from 987 up to 95,000 and lots of number in between!   World book club tokens have been handed out and hopefully we have encouraged more pupils to read for pleasure.”