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OSH ‘Egg-cited’ about World Champions

July 2nd, 2015

OSH can now boast two official world champions at the School!  Benjamin Prior in Year 9 and his brother Barnaby in Year 7 were officially crowned U14s 2015 World Egg Throwing Champions at the World Egg Throwing Federation’s Annual Competition in June.

It’s no ‘yolk’, egg throwing is an official sport enjoyed by millions and is thought to date back to 1322.  Basically, it comprises a two-person team, with the winning team being able to throw and catch a raw egg over the greatest distance with no breakages.

Benjamin and Barnaby, and their Dad Tim, also joined 40 ‘cracking’ teams in the adult competition.  Teams started at a 10 meter throwing/catching distance which increased by 10 meters after each successful catch.  Benjamin and his Dad were eliminated at the 40 metre distance, as was Barnaby and his throwing partner, finishing equal 3rd. The eventual winners caught the successful throw at just over 50 metres.

In the U14s, Benjamin was throwing and Barnaby catching and they eventually won the final, catching a 30 metre throw.

Congratulations to both boys on their ‘egg-cellent’ success.