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OSH Schools’ Summer Festival

June 11th, 2015

Around 70 prep school pupils took part in the annual OSH Schools’ Summer Festival on 11th June.

The pupils all aged between 9 and 12, from Ruckleigh School, The Knoll School, Winterfold House School and Wellow House were able to select an activity from Science, Drama, Music and Sport.

Winterfold House School collected the prestigious OSH Science Challenge Cup for their overall winning performance having spent the day involved in four different science disciplines. Pupils designed and built wind turbines in Physics. They used microscopes to analyse plant and animal cells in Biology. In Chemistry, pupils took part in an Acids and Alkali session looking at indicators, flame tests, lab safety, pH and Conductors/Insulators. The final session was Technology where pupils designed and built a model bridge – the bridge was then tested to see which ones were the strongest and had the most efficient use of materials

The Music group spent the morning composing on keyboards and computers. They were then joined by OSH’s own Sixth Form pupils who rehearsed and inspired the group for a final performance at the end of the day.

In Drama, the group developed their improvisational skills and then having been given a rough scenario; the pupils improvised and devised their own scenes, which culminated in two group performances.

Old Swinford Hospital is renowned for its sporting success and excellent sports facilities and the pupils who opted for this discipline honed their cricketing skills and joined taster sessions in archery and rock climbing.

Headmaster Paul Kilbride said “We are delighted today to have welcomed so many younger pupils to Old Swinford Hospital. They have brought bags of energy and enthusiasm with them and I can see from the happy faces and smiles all round that they, and also our prefects and teachers, have a had a great day”