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Offering Spiritual Hospitality

April 24th, 2015

Old Swinford Hospital held a Faiths and Philosophies Forum at the School on Thursday 23 April 2015.

Invited guests, including the Bishop of Dudley and representatives from local Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Muslim and Humanist communities joined staff and students from Years 10 & 11 to discuss issues such as:

What place (if at all), does faith and philosophy have in the life of young people?

  • What are your concerns about the world today?
  • How can OSH and the local community of faiths and philosophies improve your connection and understanding of the world today?
  • What do you think is meant by ‘British Values’? Is this a help or a hindrance to community cohesion?
  • How can we demonstrate that we have ‘open hands’ towards one another?
  • How can we gracefully agree to disagree when and if we need to?
  • What ideas and principles can we share and which are ‘no-go’ areas?

The inspiration for the day came from the School’s name OSH (Old Swinford Hospital) as the school offers spiritual hospitality to all and the School Motto. UT Prosim Vince Mallum Bono meaning ‘do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good’ is taken from the New Testament letter to the Romans. 23 April is also a day which some celebrate as St George’s Day – a truly ‘multi-cultural’ saint!

Headmaster Paul Kilbride said “There is wonderful dignity in difference.  Today our pupils were able to see this first hand and to discuss, with people from different backgrounds, how religions, faith groups and secular communities make sense of what it means to be a human being.  There were healthy disagreements today, as well as many shared stories and much common ground. We all got a lot out of this year’s St George’s Day and look forward to holding a similar event next year”.