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Teacher Recognised For Making A Difference

June 25th, 2013


Mr Mark Holder, Mathematics teacher and Assistant Director of Sixth Form, has been nominated for a Pearson Teaching Award, which is an opportunity for students to publicly thank a teacher who has made a significant difference in their lives.

He was nominated by students Ellie Fradgley, Dan Brookes and Luke Woodall, who said: 

Ellie:  “He’s always willing to help and explain anything.  He has a true passion for his subject.  He is also the kindest, most modest person I have met, despite being an absolute genius.”

Dan:  “Endless time and patience for students and a willingness to teach topics over and above the syllabus.”

Luke: “He has given me so much support in the last year, I can’t thank him enough.”

Mr Holder said, “It’s always lovely to get a card or note of thanks at the end of the course, but to be nominated for an award like this is very special.  It is a privilege to share the subject I love with each new generation of students and I hope to encourage many more to continue with the fascinating world of Maths onto a higher level.”

Old Swinford Hospital Headmaster Mr Peter Jones endorsed the nomination, “Mr Holder is an exceptional individual.  He is completely dedicated and devoted to his duties as a teacher in the classroom and Assistant Director of Sixth Form.  In all my years of teaching, he is without doubt, the kindest, most compassionate individual I have ever come across.  If you couple these wonderful personal characteristics with his exceptional skills as a teacher, Mr Holder is an outstanding role model for all young people and makes him, in my opinion, a truly exceptional and inspirational education professional.”

 Pic shows from left to right:  Dan Brookes, Mr Mark Holder and Ellie Fradgely